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This page contains the entire history of all the shows of the new edition of Conversations With G. It is a YouTube playlist that has been embedded into this site.

Thy are listed in reverse chronological order. The latest one is on top. If you want to see the older ones click on the 3 lines in the upper left hand corner of the video. It will expand and give you a list of every show.

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Every Wednesday GP makes himself available for online satsang. A forum where you can ask any question… and get a practical and deeply spiritual answer.

The heart and soul of genuine spiritual seeking is to engage, one-on-one with a spiritual master. One who has walked the path and has seen all the pitfalls the human ego is susceptible to.

To ask penetrating questions, and to allow the master to probe you to the depths, no hiding from our own self-deception but rather, willing to explore the questions all the way. That is the only real way to the truth.

Remember the truth lies within you. It is only seeking a moment when it can awaken to its own fullness.

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