The Right Questions Get the Right Answers

It is the quality of the questions that gets the answers that lead one to awakening. The very fact that a probing question exists is evidence of the depth of one’s inquiry. Trivial minds produce trivial questions. Big minds and big hearts produce big questions.

Deep inquiry creates deep questions. Everything is challenged. To discover the Truth is not the work of the faint at heart.

If you are seeking a bunch of how-tos or advice on how to have a better human experience, you are asking the wrong questions.

Even so, since you have found your way here, you are already moved by grace. You are already engaged in an inner inquiry into who you really are. And that is the only exploration worthy of the name, inquiry.

It is a very rare opportunity, to be ab able to ask questions of one who has been there and can express, in very simple and understandable terms, the truth of who you are.

We hope you will take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity and join us in conversation.

Join Us For Live Q&A

Every Wednesday GP makes himself available for online satsang. A forum where you can ask any question… and get a practical and deeply spiritual answer.

The heart and soul of genuine spiritual seeking is to engage, one-on-one with a spiritual master. One who has walked the path and has seen all the pitfalls the human ego is susceptible to.

To ask penetrating questions, and to allow the master to probe you to the depths, no hiding from our own self-deception but rather, willing to explore the questions all the way. That is the only real way to the truth.

Remember the truth lies within you. It is only seeking a moment when it can awaken to its own fullness.

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